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Great Expectations is the premiere Dallas dating service for real, fun-loving singles ready to find companionship that works. You know what we mean? You've seen couples that have it, an effortless companionship that was meant to last. They "click." They're the couples that compliment each other perfectly and are there to balance each other out. Maybe you think that kind of relationship was made for fairy tales, but it's possible. We know, because we help make it happen.

If you choose to make Great Expectations Dallas your personal dating service, we will provide you:



Great Expectations is the most trusted Dallas safe dating site, because we’ve been bringing together happy couple for more than 30 years. With a track record that long, there are thousands of happy Great Expectations couples. Part of what sets us apart from other dating services is that we take what we do very seriously to ensure the best possible match and a safe dating experience. Dating is what we do. Unlike most online dating sites, we screen our members personally, with background and credit checks to verify that... Read More →



No Dallas dating service has the reputation for privacy of Great Expectations. We help protect the details that make you, you! From your name to your hobbies, favorite movies and photos, we keep your profile information secured and off the web. Because these details are just as important to us as they are to your ideal match, and we aim to keep it that way. Only pre-screened Great Expectations members can see your dating profile, with your permission. Privacy may seem like an obvious safety measure, but you’d be surprised. Many... Read More →



At Great Expectations Dallas, we’re about introducing real people, each rich in personality and heart. Many of our members are hard-working professionals who just don’t have the time to escape the job. They come to us to mix things up and meet new people socially for once. Having Dallas personals from Great Expectations means we take care of your dating basics to make you more productive both in life and dating! Our expert matchmakers tailor our services to you, at your speed, on your level. What makes Great Expectations... Read More →


Serious Singles

Great Expectations is the dating service for serious singles in Dallas. That’s our niche, and we serve it well. Our members are ready to find meaningful companionship, and we help get them there by making the introductions that matter most. Our expert matchmakers have a knack for identifying companionship from afar. It’s what we do, with more than 30 years experience bringing serious Dallas singles together for companionship made to last. What makes Great Expectations so different than other dating services? We... Read More →


Singles Events

Worn out on the same old dating game? Mix things up! Meet new people in fun, easy-going Dallas singles events hosted by a professional event planner from Great Expectations. You’ll mix and mingle with desirable, qualified singles in Dallas. We offer the hottest, well-attended events for singles in Dallas. Our members love to get out there, having a good time while meeting new friends, and maybe more. Because Great Expectations is more than a dating service, we’re a singles community. We take an active role in... Read More →


Experienced Matchmaking

An experienced matchmaker in Dallas can make all the difference in the world when it comes to meeting the right people. Great Expectations Dallas has that experience. We’ve been bringing honest, quality singles together for more than 30 years. There are thousands of happy Great Expectations couples nationwide! That’s because we make matches like we mean it, making introductions tailored to fashion companionship that endures. There are more than a few new competing dating services out there, from online sites to... Read More →

The main focus that we center around is YOU! And with all that we have to offer, we hope that you will chose us. In return, you will receive our best upscale dating services.

With dating services from Great Expectations, our expert matchmakers help get your dating life on track to meaningful companionship that's built to last. First and foremost, we help you meet new people – but not just anyone. It takes finding the right people to make a meaningful match. We start by screening all our members for quality and safety with background and credit checks. Then we go the extra step that other dating services don't bother with: meeting our members. This allows the expert matchmakers at Great Expectations Dallas to make matches by hand.

We have more than 30 years experience bringing together happy couples in Dallas. It's what we're known for, and we value that reputation. We've built more than a dating service here in Dallas; we have a dating community that enjoys getting together for social mixers and singles events from pub crawls to wine tasting.

Great Expectations does dating in the real world, because you expect real results. Other Dallas dating services and online matchmakers share your profile online for the world to see, a common practice with other Dallas dating services. So it's time to get serious about dating, and discover what the real possibilities are. Give destiny the nudge it needs most! Join Great Expectations Dallas dating service today.

Who Are You Seeking?


Christian Singles

Christian singles in Dallas will find Great Expectations a refreshing values-based dating service. Because Great Expectations is about dating with purpose and sincerity, Dallas... [Read more]


Single Parents

We know that as a single parent in Dallas, trying to maintain some semblance of a dating life isn’t easy. There’s your career, the mortgage, your friends, and then of course,... [Read more]


Divorced Singles

Looking to meet some new people and get a fresh start on dating? There are hundreds of divorced Dallas singles in the same place you are. Thankfully, Great Expectations is the... [Read more]


Fitness Singles

Tired of dating people who just never seem to work out? Great Expectations is the dating service for athletic singles in Dallas who are looking for more than just a hot date.... [Read more]


Mature Singles

We realize that it takes perspective and insight relate to someone in a mature, meaningful way. Great Expectations is a preferred dating service for mature Dallas singles, simply... [Read more]

Your Target Age Range


20 Something Singles

Twenty something adults can have a tough time on the dating scene, because dating in the real world isn’t like college dating at all. Things matter, and people tend to look... [Read more]


30 Something Singles

Your chances of finding a like-minded 30 something single in Dallas have never been better. Great Expectations offers a dating service for serious 30 something singles. While... [Read more]


Over 40 Singles

Looking for some quality over-40 Dallas singles? Then let us personally invite you to join Great Expectations Dallas. We’re the dating service for serious singles, including... [Read more]


Singles Over 50

Hitting the dating scene as a Dallas single over fifty has never been this good. You may think everyone has found the companionship they’re looking for, but you’d be wrong.... [Read more]


Senior Singles

At Great Expectations, we put an emphasis on traditional dating values. Some of these are lost concepts to other dating services; especially mature ideals like honesty, and reliability.... [Read more]